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Premium Quality Products

We have developed products wherein we are replacing conventional incandescent lamps with LED lamps which have brighter light at 20% of the current consumption that of an incandescent lamp. This will help in the coming times for Electric Vehicles (EVs) to save power and thereby increase mileage per charge.

Sectoral Applications

Our bulbs have a wide range of applications across various industries

Our product range

LED Chips

Surface mounted diodes used in in automotive, industrial and general lighting. We have an entire range of products from 0.1W to 3W and a spectrum of colors.


This is a LED miniature bulb used widely in the automotive industry. It has various applications in 2W/3W/4W vehicles.

Indicator Assembly

Indicator assembly of a two wheeler vehicle. We can always develop any vehicle indicator assembly for you.

Tail Light Assembly

This is the stop and tail light made in LED for a 3W vehicle.

HS1 Headlight

A universal fit of headlight LED bulb which replaces the incandescent bulb. Its used in 2W, 3W andTractors, Reduction in Power consumption from 35W to 5W

Cabin Lights

This is a LED roof light. Can be used in various vehicles and very popular among electric vehicles.